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Sinto HWS John Winter Moulding Lines

Foundry Products and Expertise you can Trust 

John Winter has been a leading supplier to the foundry industry for over 50 years,

serving customers in over 30 countries worldwide.

We have a huge range of quality products to suit all foundry applications. We offer extensive technical support, coupled with a modern logistical system to deliver products across the globe​. 

A new addition to the site is our Clearance Stock web page. Every manufacturer ends up with a short list of random sizes and discontinued products that need to be sold at the end of every year and we actively want to avoid any of this going to landfill. 

Click the link below to see if you can grab a bargain. 

Find the Products you Need by Foundry Type

Find the Products you Need by Product Type

Sinto Greensand Foundry HWS Moulding Machines John Winter UK

Foundry Equipment Trading Partners 

HWS Sinto UK John Winter

Perfection in Every Mould

John Winter is a Trade Partner of Sinto, manufacturers of HWS Moulding Lines. They also offer world leading, technological solutions for modern, automated casting production.  

New Harmony >> New Solutions  

The sun is setting on hazardous foundry environments. 

As more and more foundry products come under scrutiny and become reclassified as hazardous, Click the link below to see how John Winter is surging ahead in the field of inorganic foundry chemistry.

John Winter Cleaner Foundry Products

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MK Density Index Calibration
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Technical Query

Request Technical Support or Calibration

Sand Testing & Calibration

From sand mixer calibration to Greensand Analysis, John Winter has a team of ex-foundry managers who can come to site to test your sand systems. 

Technical Support

We don't have all the answers at John Winter but we do have advice which often leads to the answer you are looking for to solve that casting issue. 

MK Calibration Services

MK Density Index Machines are sold and serviced by John Winter.

Contact for more details.

Click here to head to the MK page. 

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