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Invest in the best. 

Profitable casting production is dependent on many factors but the fast production of perfect moulds, filled with metal at the perfect flow rate, are corner stones of the casting process. 

Sinto's moulding machines, auto pouring systems and die casting machines offer the progressive foundry, the very best for automated casting production.

And if you need bespoke, custom built solutions, ask the experts at Sinto. 


Sinto Moulding Machines

Flask Moulding Machines & Lines

Consistent, High Dimensional Accuracy with High Output


Surface quality and the constantly high demands on the mouldability of the most complex models requires the maximum in mould quality, which is facilitated by the different HWS moulding processes.

The following methods are available:

  • SEIATSU airflow squeeze moulding process

  • (model-side pressing)

  • SEIATSU aeration technology ACE

Available moulding machines that utilise the aforementioned processes include not only fully-automatic high performance moulding machines, but also simple series moulding machines for manual and semi-manual operation.

Click here for the full range of flask moulding machines and lines in the Sinto Range:

Flaskless Moulding Machines & Lines

High Compaction – Outstanding Mould Quality

The range of flaskless moulding machines is characterised by a compact design. The integrated control system and drive technology are perfectly matched to the production process.

The turn-key moulding machine requires only a short commissioning time and stands for a rapid production availability.

An extension with individually planned mould transport systems results in efficient moulding lines.

Click here for the full range of flaskless moulding machines and lines in the Sinto Range:

Vacuum Moulding Machines & Lines

The V Process - Binder Free, Sand Moulding Technology

Our individual and flexible system layouts offer the optimum solution for every task. Be it fine synthetic cast or heavy-duty machine components – every system is individually planned in line with requirements. At the same time, the existing building structures and material flows are taken into account, alongside the workplace geometry.

For more information on The V-PROCESS moulding machines click the link below:

HWS Sinto John Winter Partnership UK Foundry Moulding machines



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