Anti-veining additives, chromite sand, bentonite, coal dust and more...  

The warehouse in Halifax stocks an extensive range of foundry powder additives for sand cores and moulds but also various grades of silica sand through to specialist sands like chromite, zircon, bauxite and cerabeads. 

One of John Winters most successful products are the range of Oil Bonded Moulding Sands. Petrobond, Mansbond and Bentomix are synonymous with the John Winter brand.

A range of Anti Veining Additives are also manufactured in Halifax predominantly for coldbox core production but can be added to any moulding sand where finning /veining is an issue.  


Anti Veining Additive for Coldbox Cores 
Organic and Inorganic Antifin Additives

Stop Finning in it's Tracks

Reduce Dressing Times

Improve Surface Finning

AF2M Anti Veining
AF2 MG Anti Veining

Veining Additive


Inorganic Antifin

AF2 is John Winters leading anti veining powder additive. It is very effective even at low levels in preventing fins in castings. Finning or 'veining' can be a severe problem inside castings, hard to reach and hard to remove. AF2 is a class leading product sold globally. 


Sands for Foundry Moulds and Cores 

Use the right sand to prevent casting defects

Chill Castings

Facing Sands for Exceptional Surface Finish

Prevent Finning and more.


Moulding Sand

Silica Sand

50 AFS to Fine 95AFS

A range of silica sands are available in 25kg bags to 1 ton bags and even 25 ton bulk delivery.  Silica sands come in various grades from 50AFS to 95AFS. The higher the number the better the surface finish on castings but there is a trade off with lower permeability and higher resin demand. 


Moulding Sand

Chromite Sand

Chill Sand

Chromite Sand is a high density, highly resistant grade of sand for the most demanding core and mould applications. It can be used for all metal grades especially when there's a need to aid cooling and prevent metal penetration.

Available in 25kg bags or 1 tonne bulk bags. 

Image by Nick Fewings

Moulding Sand

Zircon Sand

50 AFS to Fine 95AFS

Zircon Sand is available in 25kg bags for making cores. Zircon is ideal for making cores that need high strength and high resistance to metal penetration in high temperature alloys. 


Moulding Sand

DM Red Sand

High Clay Quarry Sand

DM Red Sand is a raw quarry sand that has residual, natural clay content so its ideal to be milled into greensand. The natural clays will help generate green strengths but will still need additional Hybond clay to develop strengths further.   


Oil Bonded Moulding Sand
Milled, Oil Sands for Greensand Moulding

Use Straight out the Bag

Superior Surface Finish

Can be used on Multiple Metal Types


Oil Bonded Sand


Excellent Surface Finish

Petrobond is a very high quality moulding sand for greensand moulding. Ideal for castings that require excellent surface finish.  


Oil Bonded Sand


All round use

Bentomix is a general purpose, high quality, oil-bonded moulding sand for multiple types of metals. 


Oil Bonded Sand


All round use

Mansbond is a general purpose oil-bonded moulding sand for non ferrous foundries wanting to produce excellent surface finish. 

Greensand Additives

Coal Dust and a Range of Bentonites & Conditioners

Use Straight out the Bag
Superior Surface Finish
Can be used on Multiple Metal Types

20210412_084200 (1).jpg

Greensand Additives

Coal Dust

Prevents sand fusion

Coal Dust is an integral part of greensand moulding. It helps to prevent sand fusion and improves surface finish in iron castings. Used extensively in greensand iron foundries. 

Calcium Bentonite.jpg

Greensand Additive

Hybond 100 or 130

Bentonite Blend

Hybond is a blend of bentonite clay powders for greensand foundries that want the benefits of potassium and sodium bentonite. Produces excellent 'green strengths' and good quality moulds and castings. 

Sodium Bentonite_edited.jpg

Greensand Additive

Berkbent W

High Quality Bentonite Clay

Berkbent is a premium grade of sodium bentonite clay. Produces excellent green strengths and a high quality mould surface for most alloys.

Sodium Bentonite_edited.jpg

Greensand Additive

SC1 and SC2

Sand Conditioner

SC1 and SC2  are blends of various starches. When added to Greensand it produces improved strengths and toughness. 

Specialist Magnesium Inhibitor 

An essential component in the production of magnesium castings.


Powder Additive

Inhibitor K

Powder Additive for Mag Alloy Castings 

Inhibitor K is a specialist powder additive for sand moulds when casting magnesium alloys. 


Core Repair, Oils and Starches
A Range of products for high strength, traditionally made cores

Traditional Core Making Oils and Starches
Oven Dried Cores offer excellent strength & breakdown.
Excellent for rapid core production of simple shapes. 


Core Repair

Core Putty

Repair Putty for Sand Cores and Moulds

A soft pliable putty for repairing small areas on cores and sealing joints on core assemblies to prevent metal penetration and seal gases in. 

golden drops of oil or serum surface background.jpg

Oil Bonded Cores

C3 Core Oil

Oven Dried Cores

C3 Core Oil is a traditional oil binder for the production of cores that are then oven baked. The cores have high strength and excellent breakdown properties  

core grease.jpg

Oil Bonded Cores

Core Grease

Oven Dried Cores

Core Grease is a traditional type of binder for making high strength cores with excellent breakdown. Core grease is added to silica sand and milled untill well mixed then the cores are oven baked. 


Oil Bonded Cores

Risofarin Starch

Core Strengthener

Risofarin is a premium grade of starch ideal for strengthening core sand. Produces high strength cores with excellent breakdown. Can be added to Core Grease to further strengthen the mix. 

Image by Solen Feyissa

Oil Bonded Cores

Corovit Oil & Dryer

Core Oil

Corovit Oil is pre-blended with Corovit Dryers to the specified ratio and then added to silica sand and mixed in a batch mill to produce oil bonded sand cores which are then fired in an oven. The Corovit Dryer produces a core that is semi-set. Once baked, cores have high strength and excellent breakdown.