Morgan Crucibles, Slag Bowls and steel Hardwear for Core & Mould production. 

John Winter has a range of Morgan crucibles, slag bowls and graphite plungers for manual and rotary degassing aluminium and aluminium bronze. Steel Casting Ladles for pouring aluminium are available in mild steel and stainless steel.

In stock is a vast range of metal hardwear for core and mould production like studs/ chaplets, sprigs, core wire and nylon vent. 

For melting Aluminium, Copper Alloys and Iron


Silicon Carbide 

Himelt & Excel 


Melting Aluminium

2 types of durable crucible for melting lead, zinc and aluminium alloys.

Himelt crucibles are rated for lower temperatures from 850 to 1250C

Excel crucibles are rated to higher temperatures from 1000 to 1400C

Available in a vast range of sizes. Some sizes in stock. 


Clay Graphite

Salamander Super


Copper Alloys & Iron

Salamander Super crucibles are a very durable. Rated to temperatures from 850 to 1650C. They are ideally suited to melting copper alloys and grey iron. 

Available in a vast range of sizes. Some sizes in stock.  


Ladle and Furnace Relining Materials
Mouldable refractory for ladles & spouts and induction furnaces


Mouldable Refractory


Ladle Reline

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WINRAM4 is a soft, Mid Alumina , easily mouldable refractory for ladles, furnace spouts and especially good for relining and patching up smaller cupolas. 

Its a refractory that strikes the balance between cost and performance. 


Mouldable Refractory


Ladle Reline

WINRAM5Z is a High Alumina refractory with zircon for very high temperature applications. Its firm to mould, sets very hard and can endure the most demanding furnace temperatures up to 1600C. 


Mouldable Refractory


Ladle Reline

WINRAM7 is a High Alumina, soft, easily mouldable, durable refractory for spouts and especially good for lining ladles for use with iron and steel. Rated to 1600C. 

Molten metal in Induction Furnace for ca

Mouldable Refractory


Coarse Extemely Hard 

Setting Refractory

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Dust Masks

An extremely hard wearing tough refractory for the most demanding applications like furnace tap holes, induction furnace collars and furnace spouts where metal temperatures can exceed 1600C.


Induction Furnace

Coil Plaster

Self Setting Plaster

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Ethyl Glycol
Moist Felt

A fine, pre-mixed alumina plaster for crack repairs on furnaces and ladles. 

John Winter Clay Ganister.jpg

Temporary Repair

Clay Ganister

Cost Effective, Low Temperature Repairs

A clay ganister suited to lower temperature applications in areas where there will be no impact. Often used as a quick, low cost, temporary repair ganister to seal gaps. 

Insulation Blanket
Prevent Heat Losses and Maintain Metal Temperatures  

insulation blanket.jpg

Insulating Blanket

Ceramic Blanket

High Temp 

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Ceramic Blanket can withstand very high temperatures up to 1460C. Must be handled with great care to minimise dust and dust mask worn at all times. 


Insulating Blanket

Body Soluble 


High Temp

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Body Soluble insulating blanket is a high temperature blanket that contains no ceramic fibre. Its rated to lower temperature than ceramic blanket but safer to use. Maximum temperature rating is 1300C. 


Insulating Blanket

Ceramic Matting

High Temp

A range of ceramic matting is available from 2mm up for 12mm. Multiple applications. Often used as insulating backing for ladles and crucible furnaces before refractory bricks or mouldable Winram7 is installed. 


Casting Plaster

A comprehensive range of casting plasters for moulding. 

Fine Casting Plaster - Art Foundry John Winter

Casting Plaster

Fine Casting Plaster


Fine Casting Plaster is a premium grade plaster from Saint Gobain. John Winter stocks a vast range of plasters and all of them can be foundry at


Graphite Bowls

Sample spoons, slag bowls, 

Graphite NB10 Sample Spoon

Graphite Bowls

NB10 Sampling 


Sampling Spoon

The NB10 is a small, double lipped graphite sampling spoon for ferrous and non ferrous applications. 

VB18/4A Graphite Sample Spoon

Graphite Bowls

VB18/A Spoon

Sampling Spoon

The VB18/A is a small sample spoon suitable for pouring small test pieces like spectrometer coins samples and thermal analysis cups on a Digilab/Melt Monitor to determine CEL, C & Si. 

VB5 Graphite Sample Spoon
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Graphite Bowls

VB5 Spoon

Angled Sample Spoon

The VB5 is a larger sample spoon with angle handle attachment for easy of use to scoop out molten metal from a ladle or furnace. The VB5 has a large enough capacity to pour cast iron test bars. 

NB20 Graphite Sample Spoon

Graphite Bowls

NB20 Spoon

Large Sample Spoon

The NB20 is a larger capacity sample spoon. Can be used as a casting pot or for taking larger samples like test bars.

NB28/5 Graphite Sample Spoon

Graphite Bowl

NB28/5 Slag Bowl

Slag Removal

The NB28 is a smaller slag/dross scoop with a flater profile and drains valuable metal. 

VB8 Graphite Slag Bowl

Graphite Bowls

VB8 Slag Bowl

Slag Removal

The VB8 Slag Bowl is a large diameter bowl for easy slag removal. A solid, robust slag spoon with thick wall section for more arduous conditions on inductions furnaces. 

NB31 Graphite Slag Bowl

Graphite Bowls

NB31 Slag Bowl

Slag Removal

The NB31 Slag Bowl is a large diameter bowl for easy slag removal on non ferrous metals. The thinner wall section makes it ideal for scooping large volumes of aluminium/ copper alloys.  

Graphite Plunger John Winter
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The graphite plungers are for degassing non ferrous alloys with tablets. Ideal for use with our range of tablet products for processing grades of aluminium that must have a low Iron content. Can be used with copper alloys and iron. 

Aluminium Dross Scoop John Winter


Non Ferrous Dross Scoop

Flux Removal 

This large steel dross scoop is perfect for removing dross and spent flux from the surface of larger crucibles. Clean up the dross and save on valuable liquid aluminium, lead or zinc alloy.