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All manufactured in Halifax is a range of Hexacure Shell Glues and Core & Mould Adhesives

John Winter manufactures a range of foundry adhesives in Halifax, from fast setting Winfix for core assembly through to Hexacure Shell Glues. Bonding foundry cores and moulds is a critically important process in the production of quality castings. Also available is a range of QDS silicate adhesives and mould joint sealants to prevent metal run outs. 

Quality PVA adhesives are also in 5 litres though to IBC size bulk delivery.  

Sand Mould & Core Adhesives
Fast Setting, High Strength and High Performance   

Foundry Adhesives
Winfix Fast Setting Adhesive
Winfix John Winter Foundry Core Adhesive

Foundry Adhesives


Fast Setting Core &

Mould Adhesive

Winfix is a class leading core adhesive for the fast and efficient assembly and repair of cores. Setting time is approximately 15 minutes. 

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Winfix Extra Fast Setting Adhesive
winfix extra.jpg

Foundry Adhesives

Winfix Extra

Rapid Setting Core &

Mould Adhesive

Winfix Extra is a polymer high strength adhesive for rapid core assembly. 

Setting time is approximately 7 minutes. 

QDS Slow Setting Silicate Adhesive

Foundry Adhesives


High Strength Core &

Mould Adhesive

A silicate based adhesive for core & mould assembly. QDS has a slower setting time but offers a high bond strength especially with silicate moulding sands like those in the Winterbond Silicate Range.  Setting time 30-40 minutes.  

Thermoset M Solvent Free Adhesive
Thermoset M John Winter Water Jacket Cores

Foundry Adhesives

Thermoset M

High Strength Core &

Mould Adhesive

Thermoset M is a solvent free high strength adhesive especially suited to water jackets where bond strength is essential to casting integrity. 

Techbond 213 Hot Melt Glue Gun

Foundry Adhesives

Tecbond Hot Melt

Glue Gun Capsules

Techbond is a solid, glue capsule insert, for electrically heated glue guns. Tecbond 501 is a rapid fixing adhesive to provide instant bonding. If the Techbond is near heat during the casting process a cold setting adhesive like Winfix or QDS is also required. 

Extrudaseal Joint Sealant

Foundry Adhesives

Joint Stop

High Performance

Joint Sealant

A cost effective brown coloured 'tack' joint sealant to help prevent metal run outs on the mould joint. Supplied in boxes of 20x green tubes. Relatively inexpensive but an effective gasket barrier. 

Moldseel 4 Mastic

Foundry Adhesives

Moldseel 4

High Performance

Joint Mastic

A high performance mastic in plastic tubes used to sealing joints and can be used as a gasket to seal core prints. 

Dikaflex Core Gasket Sealant
Dikaflex Core Sealant John Winter Foundry Supplies Halifax

Foundry Adhesives


Robust Joint and

Core Print Sealant

Soft, pliable strips of sealant for use as a gasket on the ends of cores where they locate into a core print to stop vents filling with metal. Its also particularly useful on a core print to stop a core floating.  Available in 3mm to 12mm strips. 

Core Repair Putty

Core Repair

Core Putty

Repair Putty for Sand Cores and Moulds

A soft pliable putty for repairing small areas on cores and sealing joints on core assemblies to prevent metal penetration and seal gases in. 

Hexacure Shell Glue Range

High Bond Adhesives for Shell Moulds

High Bond Strengths

Low viscosity even at lower temperatures.

Go Environmentally friendly with our Hexacure M 

Hexacure Shell Glue
Hexacure M

Non Mineral Oil Shell Glue

Hexacure M

A High Strength

Shell Glue

Hexacure M is an environmentally friendly, high-strength shell mould & core adhesive.  Available in 3 variations:

Hexacure M (slow set)

Hexacure MX (Fast set)

Hexacure MXP (Fast set in drums with plastic liner so drums can be recycled)

High Strength - Premium Grade PVA
Suitable for large scale furniture manufacturers

Tested thoroughly for durability
Supplied to some of the UK's biggest Kitchen Manufacturers
Supplied in 5 litre of 1000kg IBC's. 

PVA Adhesive
white-pva-glue (1).jpg


Premium PVA

Wood Glue

John Winter is known for its quality PVA adhesive. Used by pattern shops and some of the UK's largest kitchen manufacturers. 

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