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Vast Range of Insulating, Highly Exothermic and High Density Feeder Sleeves

Maximising casting yield is an essential part of any cost effective foundry process and John Winter has a vast range of feeders to minimise the risk of castings with shrinkage porosity defects in sand moulds. In stock, are open top sleeves and feeders and a range of exothermic topping compounds for both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. 'In-mould' EXO28 Flat Top exothermic sleeves for iron & steel castings are in stock and typically available for next day delivery.

Highly Exothermic Sleeves

Blown Sleeve with High Dimentional Accuracy

Tested thoroughly for performance
Dimensional accurate blown exothermic EXO sleeves
Highly exothermic and highly insulating vacuum formed sleeves. 

EXO28 Flat Top Exothermic

Exothermic Feeder Sleeves

EXO28 Flat Top


For Most Alloys

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EXO28 Exothermic sleeves offer:

  • Excellent exothermic performance.

  • Dimensionally accurate.

  • Internal Williams notch further improves peak metal temps.

  • Available from P355 all the way up to P1615 with or without breaker core. 

MT High Density Sleeves
Faprosid High Denity MT Feeder Sleeves John Winter

Highly Exothermic Feeder

MT / MTV High Density

For Iron & Steel Castings

MT High Density Feeders offers:

  • Yield improvement means reduced energy costs. 

  • Smaller contact area on the casting means ease of knock off and reduced dressing times. 

  • High density feeders can be placed directly on an area to target shrinkage.

  • Smaller feeders can sometimes increase the number of castings on a pattern plate.  

Open Topped Insulating Sleeves

Open Topped Insulating & Exothermic Sleeves
For Aluminium, Copper Alloys, Iron and Steel  

Insulating Materials in both Ceramic Fibre & Body Soluble

Huge Amount of Stock

Fast Delivery - Hassle Free Ordering


Open Top Insulating Sleeves

ISOL30 Sleeves

For Aluminium, Copper Alloys and Irons

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ISOL30 insulating sleeves are specifically for aluminium, copper alloys and irons. They are a 'body soluble' insulating material and provide good insulation and feeder properties. Available from 1 inch to 12 inch


Open Top Insulating Sleeves

ISOL53 Sleeves

For Steel

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ISOL53 Insulating sleeves can be used for a wide range of ferrous alloys. Capable of withstanding very high cast temperatures ranging from 1500C to 1680C. 

MX Exothermic
Bimex 396 Exothermic Sleeves John Winter

Open Top Exothermic Sleeves

MX Exothermic

For Iron & Steel Castings

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MX Sleeves are an exothermic sleeve for iron and steel castings where maximum feed characteristics are essential. Available in a wide range of sizes. 

Pouring Cups
TXPF Filter Holders 

Pouring Cups

Tested thoroughly for performance

Select from a range of highly exothermic and insulating grades

Low Fume grades for improved atmospheric conditions.  

TXPF Direct Pour Filter Holders

Direct Pour Units

Exothermic TXPF Pouring Units

For Iron & Steel Castings

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This is a direct pour unit with filter holder. Made from highly exothermic material it can be placed directly on to a casting and act as both the feeder and pouring bush.  Comes in a range of sizes to accomodate a 70mm dia filter all the way up to a 200mm dia filter.  

Exothermic Hot Topping Compounds

A Range of Exothermic Powders to Boost Feeder Temperatures

Non Ferrous & Ferrous Hot Topping
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AL412 Exo

Highly Exothermic Topping Compound

Exofeed AL412

Fast Firing

Exofeed AL412 is a fast firing highly exothermic topping powder for non ferrous small feeders

AL413 Exo

Highly Exothermic Topping Compound

Exofeed AL413

Fast Firing & Insulating

Exofeed AL413 is a medium exothermic topping powder with excellent insulating properties.

AL416 Exo

Exothermic Topping Compound

Exofeed AL416

Fast Firing & Insulating

Exofeed AL416 is a lower fume, exothermic topping powder for small to medium sized feeders and has long-lasting, insulating properties. 

Hot Topping Compound - Iron & Steel
Fe431 Highly Exothermic
Highly Exothermic Hot Topping Compound Fe431

Highly Exothermic Topping Compound

Ecofeed Fe431

Fast Firing

Fe431 is a fast firing, very exothermic topping powder for smaller feeders (1 inch to 4 inch). It produces slightly more fume that the other 2 grades but benefits from very hot temperatures. 

Fe433 Low Fume Insulating
Insulating Hot Topping John Winter Foundry

LOW Fume Topping Compound

Ecofeed Fe433

Mildly Exothermic and Insulating.

Fe433 is a low fume, medium exothermic topping powder with excellent insulation properties. It ignites at a slower speed for large feeder heads of 8 inches and higher.  

Fe435 Insulating & Exothermic
Exothermic Hot Topping Compound John Winter

Exothermic & Insulating

Ecofeed Fe435

Balanced performance

Fe435 is an exothermic powder for medium-sized feeders (4 inch to 10 inch). Produces a balanced exothermic reaction with good insulating properties and lower fume. 

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