Sand Moulding: The Cleancast Range

Gravity Die Casting: The Dytek Range

Coatings are an essential component when making castings. John Winter manufactures a range of Isopropanol and water based coatings for sand cores and moulds, coatings for die casting processes and also for ingot casting machines.

Cleancast is a newly developed and proven range of coatings for sand moulds and cores and Dytek is a very successful range of gravity die coatings. 

IPA Cleancast Range
Sand Mould & Core Coating 

Proudly made Made in Halifax, UK

Contains No Reclaimed IPA - just 100% Premium Grade IPA

Contains No Ethanol and No Water


IPA Mould Coating

Cleancast AGT

Aluminium Castings

An ultra smooth refractory ideal for coating sand moulds and cores for aluminium alloys. It has superb brush qualities but can also be flood coated.  


IPA Mould Coating

Cleancast AGA

Light Iron & Copper Castings

This is a graphite based smooth coating with enhanced refractory performance for higher temperatures while still producing an extremely smooth finish on castings. Ideally suited to copper alloys and light iron castings. 


IPA Mould Coating

Cleancast AZA

Grey Iron & SG

Ductile Iron

A high performance, high refractory coating for more demanding applications in grey iron and ductile iron.


IPA Mould Coating

Cleancast AZ

Steel Castings

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A Premium Grade zircon coating for steel castings or alloys with very high casting temperatures. It has a blend of zircon refractory flours and binders to produce a durable mould surface and is resistant to metal erosion in the most demanding applications.  


IPA Mould Coating

GZA4 Paste

One Coating - Any Alloy

With the exception of Steel Castings, this coating can do it all! Ideally suited to a foundry that wants one coating that can cope with multiple alloys and at the same time produce a superior finish. Premium refractory materials and binders. 


IPA Mould Coating

GZA4 S - Coating

One Coating - Any Alloy

A Premium grade mould coating for most alloys. Manufactured to 90 Baume rather than the solid GZA4 Paste, it produces exceptionally good surface finish on castings and resists metal penetration.

Aluminium Paste Chilcote Silver John Winter Trigel HD

Coating for Cores

Aluminium Paste

Chill Coat

Silver Chill Coat

Aluminium Paste is a thick silver aluminium paste that is used as a mould coating when diluted with IPA. Its very effective as a chill coat especially on shell sand cores used in gravity die casting or equally can be used in sand moulds for aluminium castings. 

Isopropanol Alcohol Foundry John Winter

Coating Solvent



Pure IPA

Premium Grade IPA for use in our range of Cleancast Mould Coatings is available in IBC, 205 litre drums and 20 litre containers. This is also commonly used with Aluminium Paste to make Chill Coat for coating cores in aluminium castings. 


Water Based Cleancast Range

Sand Mould & Core Coating 

Proudly Made in Halifax, UK

Durable. Excellent Surface Finish.

Drains well, dips and sprays to leave smooth even surface.


Water Based Mould Coating

Cleancast GT

Aluminium Castings

An ultra smooth refractory ideal for coating sand moulds and cores for aluminium alloys. Its has superb brush qualities but can also be flood coated.  


Water Based Mould Coating

Cleancast G

Iron and Copper Alloys

An ultra smooth refractory ideal for coating sand moulds and cores for aluminium alloys. Its has superb brush qualities but can also be flood coated.  


Water Based Mould Coating

Cleancast Z

Iron & Steel Castings

A high refractory coating for dipping coldbox cores or spraying moulds that can be oven dried. Leaves an excellent finish on castings. Especially suited to demanding applications where surface finish is critical in the likes of turbo housings. 

Ladletex / Ladle Coat AL

Quality Coating for Steel Casting Ladles for Aluminium

John Winter Ladle Coat Ladletex

Water Based Ladle Coat


Ladle Coat AL

Coating for Steel Ladles

Ladletex is a water based coating for the protection of steel casting ladles for aluminium alloys. The coating improves durability of steel ladles and helps to reduce iron pick up and oxides forming on bare steel. 


Dytek Die Coating Range
Premium Die Coating with Advanced Binders

John Winter Dytek Die Coating Foseco 34

Die Casting

Dytek M

Coarse Gravity Die Coat

A highly insulating, durable die coat for thin section castings. It's a medium grain die coat to aid metal flow over the surface on very thin section castings. 

Available as Dytek M-EB - Contains high binder content for extra adhesion. 


Die Casting

Dytek S

Smooth Gravity Die Coat

A smooth die coat for heavier section castings from 10 to 25mm in section. Its both hard wearing and insulating and provides a smooth even grain finish. 

Available as Dytek S-EB - Contains high binder content for extra adhesion. 

Dytek T Alloy Wheel Die Coat Dycote Foseco

Pressure Die Casting

Dytek T

Ultra Smooth Die Coat

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Die Coatings
Mould Coatings

Dytek T is an ultra smooth die coat ideally suited to large, low pressure die castings such as alloy wheel production. It has improved binder chemistry to make the coating more durable.

Available as Dytek T-EB - Contains high binder content for extra adhesion. 


Pressure Die Casting

Dytek Zr

Base Coat

Dytek Zr is a hard wearing base coat that can be used on worn dies with poor surface finish or ideally used as a base coat for alloy wheel low pressure die casting. Pink in colour so the base coat shows through when Dytek T top coat wears off. 


Die Casting

Dytek G

Graphite Release

Dytek G is a graphite release spray for the easy extraction of hard-to-remove die castings. Sprayed on as a dilute watery graphite solution to leave a thin film of graphite on top of an insulating Dytek coating. Can be used a release for aluminium ingot casting machines.  

Image by Jack Carter

Die Casting

Dytek Hardener

Die Coat Binder

Dytek Hardener is pure binder to enhance binding properties of Dytek die coating. It has enhanced binder chemistry to improve die coat durability and adhesion to the die face. 

Image by Mae Mu

Die Casting

401 Drag Oil

Die Casting Lubricant

401 Drag Oil is a premium grade oil for moving parts on hot, die casting tooling. Particularly useful to reduce drag on heavy, manual dies. Designed to remain effective even at higher temperatures without producing oily fume unlike standard lubricants. 

Ingot Casting Machine Coating
Water Based, Non Stick, Ingot Mould Coating

Ingot Casting Machine Zircon Coating Condalu John Winter

Ingot Mould Coating

Condalu 97

Water Based Titanium Dioxide Wash

Condalu 97 is a water-based, non-stick Titanium Dioxide Wash for ingot casting machine's, predominantly used in the production of aluminium and copper alloy ingots. Also frequently used on Launders transferring large volumes of metal for long periods. 

Ingot Casting Machine Coatings

Ingot Mould Coating

Condalu 51

Water Based Boron Nitride Wash

Condalu is a water-based, non-stick Boron Nitride Wash for ingot casting machine's, aluminium extrusion dies and high demand applications.  Also frequently used on Launders transferring large volumes of metal for long periods. 

John Winter Boron Nitride BNH20

Ingot Mould Coating


Boron Nitride Concentrate

John Winter BN H20 is a concentrated Boron Nitride Coating to prevent aluminium and copper alloys from sticking to furnaces and launders. Diluted to suit the users preference.