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John Winter stocks filters for foundries producing aluminium, iron, steel and copper alloys 

The need to produce quality castings has never been so important and metal filtration and cleaning is an essential part of the casting process. Filtering all cast metal production is now standard practise for all foundries and John Winter has a comprehensive range of filters for all metal grades to reduce the risk of inclusions in castings. 

Cleaning the metal surface prior to casting or using a protective flux is vitally important to ensure the metal is in pristine condition before any metal is poured. For Iron and Steel casting John Winter has Slag Coagulant and Slagcure K and for aluminium alloys and copper alloys a range of fluxes to cleanse and protect the melt from atmospheric moisture. Should you need any assistance you can Contact Us.

Filters for:
Aluminium, Copper Alloys, Iron and Steel

Filters for Aluminium
Aluminium Foundry Filters - Sivex - AL Filter

Filters for

Aluminium Alloys

AL Filter

The AL Filter is designed specifically for aluminium alloys. The filters can be put back into the scrap and remelted with no detrimental effects from fragments of filters ending up in castings when 'returns' are remelted and recast. 

Filters for Iron & Copper Alloys
John Winter Filters for Grey Iron and SG Ductile Iron Foundries

Filters for

Iron & Copper 


JW Silicon Carbide

pdf icon.png

High quality, silicon carbide filters supplied to some of the biggest foundries in the UK and globally for casting Grey Iron, SG Ductile iron and Copper Alloys.

Available in 10, 20 and 30PPI and multiple sizes.

Steel & High Temperature Alloys
Zirconium Filter for Steel Castings - John Winter Foundry Supplier

Filters for

Steel Alloys


John Winter zirconium filters are tried and tested and in use at multiple steel foundries. The Zr filter is well suited to the most demanding high temperature alloys. Suitable for steel alloys and available in various sizes. 

Ceramic Strainers

Ceramic Strainers for

Grey & Ductile 



Ceramic strainers are very good at regulating the metal flow into the downsprue on a running system and filter the metal to some degree but foam filters are more effective at filtering. Available in round and square sizes.  Contact us to find out the current availability. 

Filter Cloth for Die Casting
Filter Cloth for Die Casting Aluminium

Aluminium Filtration

Filter Cloth/ Mesh

10PPI & 20PPI

Die Casting Filtration

Filter cloth is available in 2 grades. Fine 20PPI (1.5mm pores) and coarse 10PPI (3mm pores). 

Supplied on rolls but can be cut to length.

Also available in pre formed shapes. 

Ferrous Metal Cleaning 
Surface treatment coagulants and fluxes

Slag Coaglant
Slag Removal - John Winter Slag Coagulant - Iron Foundry

Cleaning Iron & Steel

Slag Coagulant

Metal Cleaning

A granular coagulant that binds liquid slag together so it can be easily removed from the metal surface. 2 or 3 applications will produce a clean metal surface prior to casting. Available in Fine, Medium and Coarse grades. 

Cleaning Furnaces and Ladles
Slagcure K for Cleaning Foundry Furnaces and Ladles


Slagcure K

Metal Cleaning

A blend of oxides that gets added to the ladle or furnace. Helps to prevent liquid slag from solidifying and building up on furnace and ladle linings therefore, extending the service life of refractories. 

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