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How John Winter supports its foundry customers

If you look closely at John Winter’s logo you can see that it includes the line “working better together” and it is true across everything we do as a business. Here, our managing director, Adam Bennett explains how we support our customers, build strong relationships and lead by example during tough times.

Over the past few years, foundry businesses, along with the rest of the world, have gone through a time of significant uncertainty. With additional pressures and previously unheard-of struggles, with the pandemic and resulting volatile markets and costs, the inability to plan long term and cash flow issues, it has been a difficult time for the industry. As a leading supplier of foundry products, we take huge pride in playing our part in supporting the sector and working closely with our customers to help them continue trading and servicing their clients.

At John Winter we go above and beyond to make sure our customers always have direct access to our teams. This personal service gives our customers the ability to speak to our experts to provide them with clarity, understanding and confidence that we can help. Our team is constantly available to answer to any queries our customers might have, which offers much-needed reassurance and helps to provide greater certainty.

As the UK’s leading independent supplier, we are able to source product ranges from several manufacturers, and coupled with inflated stock levels held here and at our customers (on consignment), we are in a position to maintain supply for the majority of products and customers. By offering consignment stock we enable foundries to be confident in their supplies without needing to take on the cost until they are safe in the knowledge that the demand is there for them. This reduces risk on their side and helps to relieve cash flow pressures.

At John Winter we believe this is the right thing to do to support the sector. As a responsible business it’s important that we play our part, especially in difficult times like the ones we’ve seen over the past few years, to ensure a positive and collaborative future across the industry. This ethos is felt by our customers and is one of the many reasons we have such strong relationships.

These are just two examples of the ways we live by our proposition of “working better together”. And now as we are looking forwards and across 2022 we have some exciting developments coming up, including new product ranges, so that we can continue to meet the constantly evolving needs of the foundry industry.


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