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A sleeves solution for every project

Our Technical Manager, Andrew Tagg, explains how John Winter’s supply of highly exothermic sleeves can help with your foundry projects.

At John Winter we are proud to be one of the leading UK suppliers to the foundry industry. We specialise in supplying our customers with a wide range of foundry products to provide solutions for all their needs. A key part of that is offering a personal service that gives those customers the ability to speak to our experts who provide clarity, understanding, and the confidence that we can help.

One of the products we frequently get asked about is feeder & riser sleeves. Our customers are often surprised at the breadth of the range that we can supply and is why in this blog we’ve decided to delve into what we can offer, highlight some of the significant positive impacts these products can have significant with your foundry projects.

At John Winter we provide a comprehensive range of P-type and high-density riser sleeves.

Our blown P-type feeder sleeves having high dimensional stability, high strength making them ideal for use in automated or manual moulding where the sleeve needs to be inserted, closed over or moulded in situe’.

  • The EXO 28 feeder sleeves are highly exothermic and have excellent insulating characteristics making them ideal for iron and steel application.

  • The ISOL 70 sleeves are extremely low density exhibit high insulating characteristics, ideal for all alloys, working extremely well with aluminium and copper base alloys.

Our high-density riser sleeves are highly exothermic and are the most efficient of all our range of sleeves, enabling significant increases in process yield. They exhibit very high crush strength making them ideal for placing in situe’ in high pressure moulding applications. Being significantly smaller, with reduced contact area allows flexibility of location, enabling direct feeding of areas that are not attainable with more conventional sleeves.

High-density riser sleeves are most cost-efficient by:

  • Enabling your foundry to reduce overall melting costs per unit of sales, due to significant increases in overall yield.

  • The small contact area greatly reduces finishing costs due to reduce grinding and ease of riser removal.

  • The high crush strength coupled with reduced size provides complete flexibility in mould placement which improves feeding efficiency, increases usable pattern plate area, creating the capability of increased numbers of castings per mould.

At John Winter we are proud to supply a comprehensive range of products and solutions to the foundry industry. Highly exothermic sleeves are integral to the success of foundry projects and so we are proud to offer a sleeves solution for every job.

For more information about the sleeves solutions we offer, contact us:


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